The Miley Cyrus Syndrome

Miley Cyrus Tongue OutThis is one of those predictions that’s not fun to make:  Miley Cyrus will be shaving her head and rebelling soon.  The prediction is that over the next few years Miley will get more and more into drugs and alcohol and spin out of control.  Now my wife really doesn’t like talk like this because she disagrees and thinks I’m just being pessimistic.  It seems like simple psychology, however, given signs like her performance at the Teen Choice Awards.  When you consider the Teen Choice performance and what we’ve seen happen over the years with other child stars that have turned out to be super “successful” like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Dakota Fanning, and the Olsen Twins it’s cause for some cynicism.  She’s only going to push the envelope harder as she gets into her twenties.

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