Learning To Read

Learning to read is not like flicking on a light switch.  You need to start with the basics:  the alphabet.  My son is four now and our primary focus is on letters.  I started with what most people probably start with which is singing the alphabet song.  Over the past year we have been working on writing a different letter each day.

3_lined_paperAll you really need to do is work at it.  You don’t need to spend money on fancy materials or programs; you just need to put in effort.  For example, you can grab a sheet of paper and write out some lines for your child to write between.  Kids like to stay in between the lines when they write.  I usually use three lines per row:  A solid line on top, a dashed line in the middle, and a solid line on the bottom.  I just grab a pen and make five or so rows on the top half of a sheet of paper and write the letter myself in upper left hand corner.  From there, I ask my boy to try to write the same letter as many times as he can in the remaining space I’ve provided.

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