Castro: The Psyche Of A Megalomaniac

Megalomania is defined as a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur.  In today’s world there are too many narcissists to count, yet there are far fewer people that are truly megalomaniacs.  Of those that are megalomaniacs, there are even fewer that wind up in a circumstance whereby they can rise to absolute power and have free reign to execute their deranged vision.  In the history of the world, however, it seems like there are many examples of how megalomaniacs with the right amount of genius, character and gall can come into power and kill with impunity (i.e.Hitler, Stalin, etc…).  In this post we’ll look at the psyche of one of these megalomaniacs:  Fidel Castro.

Castro viewed himself as the destiny of Cuba and he was bent on becoming the country’s dictator.  There can be little doubt about his brilliance in executing power and his talents in positioning himself to rise to the top.  This is especially true with Castro’s  understanding of propaganda and using the media to sway public opinion .  But, what was not known during his ascent to the top was the lying, bluffing, and deceit he was committing to propel himself. The most striking example of Castro’s hypocrisy has to be his political manifesto titled La Histroria Me Absolverá (History Will Absolve Me).  You may recognize the title or it may ring a bell with you; this is because it’s a rip-off from Adolph Hitler’s Rathaus Putsch speech in 1924 when Hitler said “Pronounce us guilty a thousand times over: the goddess of the eternal court of history will smile and tear to pieces the State Prosecutor’s submissions and the court’s verdict; for she acquits us.”

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Pandora & Kid’s Music

I posted a while back on how I think Pandora mobile is going to sound the death knell for satellite radio.  Well, when I wrote that post, it was because I thought it was so cool how I could type in Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd and have my phone kick out some sweet rock-n-roll through the little sound dock we have in our kitchen.   It just got a little bit cooler this weekend after another idea hit me: what about kids music through Pandora?

It was daddy weekend as my wife went up to northern Michigan with the girls for a ‘girls weekend get-away’ type of retreat.   It was the kids and me and it was cold and rainy outside so there was nothing really to do outside.  And, I’ve been tired of running the tube and movies because I don’t want to turn these little brains into mush.  I thought to myself that we could do some sort of coloring or writing activity, but I also thought we could use some music.  The idea hit me to put a kid’s band into a Pandora play list but I didn’t really know any kids bands that I really like.   If you’ve ever watched Noggin (which is now Nick Jr.) you’d know that they have music videos interspersed throughout their programming.  I remembered a girl musician that we liked that got the kids up and dancing, but I couldn’t remember her name.  Thanks to Google and knowing what channel she was on, I was able to find her name in a heartbeat:  Laurie Berkner.

We got out the coloring books and some crayons and markers and listened to some good music.   Pandora found song after song of age appropriate music that I also found palatable.  There really are a lot of kids songs that truly suck and can be very annoying.  So if you have something you like already and give it to Pandora, it is going to find music of a similar ilk and do all the work for you.   There were Bob Marley covers and a lot of acoustic guitar type songs that were a lot of fun to listen to.

We would have to stop coloring and get up and dance every other song or so and the kids had a great time despite the rain.  If you haven’t tried Pandora mobile yet, you might want to give it a try.  I was happy with Pandora mobile from the outset, but it just hit another level.

I enjoy Latin music too but I’m very particular about it.  For example, I like Belanova, but that’s not normally what you’d hear when you think of Latin music.  They’re a band that you hear on MTV when you’re in Mexico City and a lot more contemporary and pop than mariachi music.  I look forward to trying something like that out too.  I’ll report back on how that turns out.

Also, my dad always used to play classical music on Sunday mornings when I was a kid and I really miss that rich music filling the house.  I’m going to try putting in some Mozart or Wagner or something and see how Pandora handles it.  I’ll report back on that too.

Happy listening.