Vampire Weekend

By , June 8, 2010 7:16 am

Most people from my work that go to Mexico City don’t like it. I suppose I like going because I long to see the world’s cities but don’t have the financial means to do so.  So when the opportunity to travel on the company’s dime comes up, I grab it. The coolest things about Mexico City have to be its culture and history.   One of my favorite simple things about being there is MTV in Mexico City.  They’re cutting edge when it comes to music.  Music is a passion of mine and I have picked up on some great bands while watching MTV in Mexico City in my hotel room.   In fact, when I’m watching it, I always have a pen and paper handy.  A band that I was introduced to in Mexico City through MTV  is Vampire Weekend.

The video A-Punk was playing and I was grooving to it.  It was a rich sound the likes of which I hadn’t really heard and it was fresh and captivating.  I wrote down the name of the band and song at the end of the video and added it to my list of songs to look up when I got home to Detroit.  This was in April of 2008. 

I added A-Punk to my playlist as soon as I got home.   My like of the song never really waned and I enjoyed it whenever it would pop into the mix.  I never really pursued the band, however, and couldn’t have told you anything else about them…  That is until now.

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