Learning to Read – Early Writing

Getting  home from work the other day, my wife showed me something that made me proud…  My son had written down a complete sentence.  The kindergarten teacher was dictating the words and the students were writing down what they heard.  This fired me up to write a couple words myself and here I am to do just that.  This made me think that I should start my second series piece and it’s going to be titled:

Learning To Read

Reading is most important thing anyone could ever learn to do and it makes a good ‘series’ feature for this blog.  There were a couple of posts already in this vein and it just seems like a worthy topic of some additional journal entries and fits a series chronology well.

The idea behind this series is to follow the learning progress of my kids, now 5 and 3, and keep a journal on their development as they learn to read.  It wasn’t but a handful of months ago my wife and I were meeting my son’s kindergarten teacher with about 50 other parents.  The teacher was telling us about all the wonderful things we could expect to see through the kindergarten year.  There would be leaps and bounds made in our kids’ writing and that we shouldn’t expect to see perfectly formed words but rather phonetic interpretations of them.   For example: KR might spell car.  That would be perfectly normal and would demonstrate good progress.

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