Charlie Sheen – Violent Torpedo of Truth Review

By , April 2, 2011 11:33 pm

You just spent $120 on a ticket to something to which you had no idea what to expect.  A guy, an actor, whom you’ve seen all your life is coming off what’s close to a melt down and announces he has a tour coming to your city.  So you say whatever and you buy a ticket.  You have no idea what to expect.

Your tickets are sweet, second row behind the old orchestra pit.  As you’re walking up the aisle toward the stage you’re saying to yourself “holy shit we’re right up front”, but up front to what?  You have no idea what to expect.  But, you’re in high spirits and you’re with your friends and you’re enjoying the music.  The sound system is impressive and they haven’t even jacked it up yet, it’s just grooving.

Then there’s an indication that the show is starting and out comes the first act.  A comedian, if you can call him that, named Kirk Fox is the first guy to take the stage and warm up the crowd.  He totally bombed.  He was trying to tell an airport story about how the LAX airport staff had lost his shoe and it wasn’t working.  The crowd, full of trolls, started in on the guy and he folded hard-core.  He never really could get the airport story off the ground [bad pun].  I give him credit, he had no where to go and he stuck it out.  But, he didn’t have any good material.  I was rooting for him and wanted him to have something funny, but he just didn’t.  The crowd wasn’t nice.   They beat the guy up pretty good.  In fact, Charlie was right there back stage and you could see him from where we were sitting and he was watching his buddy bomb.  He came out to help the guy out and the crowd went sick.  This was the first sighting of Charlie.  He was still in a jogging suit.  He said to the crowd to give the guy a break.   But, the crowd wasn’t interested in the guy, they just wanted Charlie.   Charlie said he’d be right back in a little bit and the comedian started in again on his bit.  But, he still sucked.  So the crowd got harsher and harsher.  It was an ominous foreshadowing as it turns out.   It would get ugly before it was over.

So, the comedian ends badly and now we’re to an interlude.  Probably about twenty minutes later, the music fired up and the theater went dark again.  A video started and this was probably the best part of the show.   There were clips from all kinds of famous movies:  Jaws, Apocalypse Now, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Animal House among others.  There were a lot of war, death, and hardcore type clips that went into this video mash-up.  All while these clips were showing, the music was bumping hard.  The bass was so powerful that it was just shaking you.   The bass was so powerful that you were numbed into submission as you watched the clips.  This was for sure the best part of the show.

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