Letting Go of My News Corp Witch Hunt

When the story broke in the UK about how News Corp’s News of the World illegally apprehended phone numbers and tapped in on calls, I ran to the scene as fast as I could and read everything I could.   I sat on my thoughts for over 24 hours, as Abraham Lincoln had taught me, before I said a single word.  I wrote up a status update indicting News Corp on my facebook account and just couldn’t press send.  I believed what I wrote, but didn’t want to air it out to my facebook friends because you’re not supposed to talk politics, religion, sex, mathematics, philosophy, or anything that really interests me out there.

I slept on it another day and again I was still mad about how News Corp executives get away with pleads of ignorance about crimes that would send me to jail for the rest of my life if I tried the same defense.  So I wrote that facebook post again and again I just couldn’t press send.  I turned my facebook status post into a blog post that you may have seen here.   But I still wanted to shout from the rooftops about how unfair it is that a media company that is so influential in proposing what a country talks about can so easily flip the bird at legality and operate with impunity.  Writing the blog post made me feel better, but I still wanted to air it out on facebook, I couldn’t make my aggravation over the issue go away.

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