Media Bias

My dad watches Fox News.  He hates MSNBC.  Therefore, you have enough information to know how he votes.  Why?  Because the media is biased and you know it.  This post is not against Fox News exclusively, it’s against the news media in general.  They’re feeding the American people information with an agenda and the American people are eating it up.  This is because people like to hear what makes them feel good.  If you’re a Republican, you like the way Fox gives you the news because it makes you feel good about your view points.  If you’re a democrat, you like to watch MSNBC news because it makes you feel good about your viewpoints.

What if the owners of the media groups and the executives in charge wanted to cull certain thoughts you use to form your opinion?  What if they wanted you to think a certain way in order to get you to act in a certain way?  Is that just hogwash conspiracy theory?  Am I a lunatic out on the conspiracy fringe?  I don’t think so.  I think  you can ask yourself logical questions and realize that the news channels are feeding you slanted views.  Just like no one has time to make a good meal anymore, no one has time to get to the bottom of the story anymore.  If you decide to turn off your brain and take whatever they’re giving you, you deserve what you’ll get.

Watch this video and then continue reading below.

This is not an attack on Fox to try to trumpet some other news organization.  This is an example of all of them.  This is to say that they’re all in this boat of delivering news with an agenda.  The truth is that the Republican and Democratic parties are very much alike in so many respects and to argue one is good and the other is bad is ridiculous.  If you’re talking about a politician in Washington DC, you’re talking about a con artist.  And if you’re talking about a news company, you’re talking about a company owned by a someone with an agenda.  So why do people get so fanatical about “their side” when the two sides have so many similarities?  I don’t know.  It’s like my fellow Americans have gotten so entrenched in “their side” being right that they’ve lost all ability to think logically.   It’s like people are proverbially asleep.  They’ve found comfort in people making them feel good about their view point.  Did you ever stop to think that this is exactly what the news channels and political parties want?  That maybe – just maybe – they want you comfortably numb and feeling good about the fact that they can feed you whatever they want and you’ll just lap it up and go on your way.  You’ll even fight to echo and spread this information.  You need to actually read the legislation elected officials put out into the public information stream if you want the whole story.  The problem is that people don’t want to read and they’re perfectly happy to have the spin doctors selectively pick out the sound bytes necessary to make you feel like you’re getting the whole story.   You’re not.  It’s time to wake up and read for yourself what these crooks are doing to our country.

I feel a little like Neo in the Matrix.  I’m lucky, because I got unplugged and I got to see reality.  I actually have a certain incident that I won’t go into that awoke me from a happy slumber of my staunch Republican views.  It occurred to me that fanaticism and zealotry on either side of the isle is an exhibition of lunacy.  That’s when I woke up.  That’s when I started to think for myself.  That’s when I realized that they’re all crooked.

Even though I’m picking on my formerly fellow Republicans today, I feel the same way toward Democrats too.  They may have different agendas, but they both have the same modi operandorum (i.e. “money buys legislation” and “blocking ‘the other side is more important than what’s good for the country” and “perpetual campaign mode”).

Using the video above as an example of what Fox news is feeding you, lets take a look at a couple things.  First off, if you watch the video (and you accept it as truth), you’re going to think the Republicans wanted financial reform and it was the Democrats that stood in the way and if they just didn’t have to deal with these conniving Democrats we wouldn’t be in this financial mess we’re in today.  Well, guess what?  That’s not true because there is blame to go around on both sides, but Fox news wants you to think otherwise.  They hope you know nothing about the truth and cannot read or think for yourself.  Let’s examine the facts that are freely available public information.

The video suggests that the Republicans wanted to change the rules for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so we would have more regulation and transparency.  Knowing that the legislative branch makes the rules, it would be simple to ascertain that the legislative branch (or congress) is where you need to look for changes.  In 1995, the Republican’s took a majority position in the 104th congress (1995 – 1997).  Did any rules change for wall street and financial regulation when the Republicans took absolute majority in congress?  The answer is no. Was there any talk about how repealing the Glass-Steagall act was allowing the commericial banking industry and the investment banking industry to get intertwined and let the rich get super rich? No, because these banks are funding both parties equally. It doesn’t matter who wins the election to the banks, they’ve already paid off both sides and both sides are beholden to them.  And, whether you like it or not, our legislators are writing legislation at the behest of corporations that fill the coffers of their campaign funds.   When corporations pay both sides, our elected officials on both sides are beholden to them and therefore the sentiment of our electorate is marginalized and the sentiment of the lobbyists carries more weight.

In the next congress, the 105th congress (1997-1999) the Republicans held on to the majority.  Did any rules and regulations change on Wall Street?  No, they did not.  Republicans and Democrats were getting intoxicated with their new riches acquired through these years.  Why would they impose rule changes on the people that were ripping us off, making them richer, funding their campaigns, and setting our country up for disaster?  The answer is easy.  They wouldn’t and they didn’t.

In the next congress, the 106th congress (1999 – 2001), the Republicans continued to hold the majority – what got done with regard to financial reform?  Nothing.

In the next congress, the 107th congress (2001 – 2003), the Republicans continued to hold the majority – what got done with regard to financial reform? Nothing.

In the next congress, the 108th congress (2003-2005), the Republicans continued to hold the majority – but wait this time it was different.  The Republicans finally also had the executive branch as George W. Bush was now president.  Throughout the previous three congresses, the Republican’s had a convenient excuse of why they couldn’t get anything done.  Now it was different.  They had everything in place and all the excuses had been eliminated.  Now they were going to really push through some reform – there was nothing in their way this time.  So what reforms got handed down to Wall Street?  None.  They didn’t make any financial reforms.  The rich got richer.  In fact we added Homeland Security and a new prescription drug plan and pushed our socialist debt machine further than it had ever gone before.

The Republicans finally lost their majorities this past election when the people had finally had enough of these crooks in charge of writing and voting in our legislation.  Sadly, they were replaced by Democrats.  And, unfortunately, Democrats are just as (arguably even more so) crooked than Republicans.

My point – as long as Democrats and Republicans are in charge of our government and news channels, we’re screwed.  Unless we wake up.  Both the Democratic and Republican parties’ biggest fear is that you’ll drop your affiliation and think for yourself.  They know that if you read what they actually write you’ll know that they’re main goal is to deceive you, hold on to power, and get richer.  While they preach unimpeachable morals, they’re cheating on their wives.  While they preach transparency and regulation for bankers from the pulpit, they’re accepting money from them behind closed doors when the cameras get turned off.  Just like Morpheus says to Neo in the Matrix: “remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more”.  The question is whether you’ll take the red pill.

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