Back From The Dead

Hello again.  You probably didn’t notice or know this, but I got my site hacked.  What an experience!!  I got to put my money where my mouth is with my backup process and where I talked some junk about fearing no hacker.  I plan on writing a post about it explaining how I got hacked and how I recovered my site.

The backup process was good, but it is never quite the same as when the real emergency happens and you have to do a full recovery process.  I will explain this and add some more steps to how I backup my site in order to make a “real” recovery even easier and faster.  There are a couple steps more I could have been doing to make this process even more streamlined.

Hell yeah!  I’m back.  And I’m stronger than I was before!  One more loophole closed.  Bring it on hackers.  Each time you attack, I get stronger!

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