The Post Tag Named: Khan Echo Syndrome

Khan-Academy-LogoThe post tag named: Khan Echo Syndrome is named to give thanks to Salmon Khan and his educational website Khan Academy.  This tag is appropriate for this website because a significant portion of the posts to come on this site are just rehashes of what you can see on Khan’s website.  Let me back up a little and explain how I heard of the site and the profound effect it has had on me and so many millions of others.

My friend Prathiba and I were talking about our kids’ education.  Her kids are little bit older than mine and she was talking about how well they’re doing in math.  She asked “have you heard of” to which I replied “no”.  “Oh” she said, “you should check it out.” and she preceded to explain a little bit about it and how her kids were using the site and really enjoyed the math exercises.

I checked it out and was astonished to see how many courses there were.  Every type of math you could imagine, but that wasn’t all.  There are courses on:  biology, chemistry, astronomy, economics, the housing crisis, US Treasury plans, history, &c.  I couldn’t believe how busy Sal had been making these videos.  My first thought was “what should I check out first?”

Having just read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, I was into learning more about economics.  Wealth of Nations was a real eye opener with regard to economics and it led me to check Khan’s videos on banking first.   I was amazed.  All this talk about mortgage backed securities and collateralized debt obligations on the radio and I just didn’t quite understand how all this stuff really worked.   Needless to say, now I do.  Which is why I’m writing this post right now.  Because that’s what the site does, it gives anyone with internet access a chance to get educated on a wide array of topics.

One of the things I really look forward to learning is calculus.  I never qualified for it in highschool and only rated high enough for pre-calculus at University.  And, even if I did qualify by then, I couldn’t afford to take a class I wanted to because I only had enough money to take classes that I “needed” for my degree.  That’s the real blessing about the site for someone like me, I can learn calculus now on my own terms at 39 years old!   I don’t need permission, or money, or to have someone tell me I’m not smart enough to study that, I can study it and learn it in spite of all those roadblocks from my youth.  I’m truly thankful to Sal for that.

After watching the videos on Collateralized Debt Obligations, I watched the housing crisis videos, the economics videos, the currency exchange videos, the astronomy videos, the trigonometry videos, and now I’m rewatching the housing crisis videos.  Wow!  What spectacular work and what an amazing mind.  It’s pretty obvious that I’m hooked.  I can’t tell you how many hours in aggregate I’ve spent watching those videos.

So many of the topics that I want to cover on this website have already been covered by Khan.  So my goal with this post is to give credit to Sal Khan and include this post tag everytime I’m rehashing something I learned from Sal.

Maybe by teaching something back that I learned from Khan I’ll be able to learn it a little better myself.  Maybe I’ll add a little angle or color to something that helps someone else along the way.  Maybe I’ll point someone toward Khan’s website and they’ll be better off it.

They say that practice makes perfect.  They say that repitition sinks things into your memory.  They say that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  If anything here with the post tag: Khan Echo Syndrome can help even one person further educate themselves, it will be worth it.

So, thank you very much Sal Khan, my hat is off to you.  Any post on this site with the post tag Khan Echo Syndrome is a tribute to your hard work and philanthropy.