Make Time For Your Photos And You’ll Make Time For Your Kids

Recently I took a day off from work and neither my wife nor my kids were home.   This is a rare occurrence and I was planning on doing something that I would enjoy which is most often watching a movie or reading a book.  Since I had some photos on the camera that I took with my boy, I thought I’d transfer them to the PC and have a look.  That started me down a path that would keep me in front of the computer for the rest of the day looking at photos.

 fotomatWhen you look through your photos and you have a little time to do it, it really is an enjoyable thing.  Most of us these days have digital cameras that we can mount up with more pictures in a month than our parents would take in a season.  Digital photography has really been a huge breakthrough over the past ten years.  Gone from our youth are the fotomat booths that used to reside in the middle of parking lots.  Like most things that seem to forever change our lives on a go forward basis, there’s a downside to it all and that’s the time we have to look at all those pictures.


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